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Three Walls

Director & Editor
Three Walls is the film I made for my senior comprehensives at Occidental College receiving distinction from the Art History & Visual Arts Department. Three Walls is a film that uses the physical space as the main character. The role of the handball court becomes exposed through the stories and experiences of the people that use it. Each person visits the court for a different reason yet their goals on it are all the same. The court is a gathering place for all these different reasons. When you play a sport nothing else matters, you are completely focused on winning. On the court a player can be anything they want and everything they are not in the real world. Monologues guide the viewer through growing up on the court to the differences between civilian handball vs. playing in prison. Montages of gameplay are intertwined with portraits of the players and the courts by them self. Three Walls takes you into the daily life of three wall handball courts in Los Angeles through the stories of the people that use them.