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My name is Kyle Scoble, I graduated in June 2013 from Occidental College in Northeast Los Angeles with a degree in Media Arts & Culture; receiving distinction on my senior comprehensives. I'm an avid photographer with both digital and analogue cameras, film being my favorite of the two; I have worked with KCET's new media team on projects such as Artbound and Departures. I worked for The Bosco in Los Angeles installing photo and video experiences. For three years I was at Mattel Toys; I worked with varying brands’ on their event, toyfair, pitch and convention needs from conception through onsite breakdown. I have a project in production that you can check out here that explores cultural indentity through soccer fandom in Southern California and Northern Mexico. 

Currently I am getting my Masters in Documentary film Production from Chapman University’s Dodge Film School. 

There is a more extensive portfolio of my photography on flickr.

I'm always looking to collaborate, discuss or critique work feel free to contact me