Kyle Scoble


Living in Los Angeles, CA in an apartment with my wife and (furry, four legged) daughter. Learning, wandering and scheming world domination by night. By day, I am a recently un employed editor; having finished a second season at the NFL with a feature film gig in between. I’m looking for the next project whether is holding the camera, producing or staying in the editor chair. 

Documentary is rooted in lived experiences and personal truths; my work seeks to reflect that and question the status quo through observational and cinema verite work.  

I read Michael Chabon, collect analog cameras and play magic the gathering while my dog Darla, sleeps (snores).


Grew up on an island in the Puget Sound and got my undergrad degree in Los Angeles at Occidental College. After recieving a BA in Media, Arts & Culture I worked in the event space. First for a video and photo experiential company, then, interally as a project manager. Lastly, I got a masters in Documentary Film from Chapman’s Dodge Film School.

I read the Foundation series, watched Batman Beyond and collected Pokemon cards.